Custom Built Research Devices

With the new inhalation systems offered by La Jolla Alcohol Research, Inc., researchers can:

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Target, achieve, and maintain desired BALs in both rats and mouse.


Our systems are very compact, entirely housed on a wheeled cart that can be used anywhere in a lab, and requires only vacuum or exhaust for complete operation.


Easily and consistently reproduce data.


The systems are also completely airtight and environmentally safe.

The Leader in E-vape and Inhalation Technology

Almost 20-years ago Maury Cole, the founder of LJARI, led the charge by taking Science Research to new peaks. His leadership creates jobs, empowers grant seekers, mentors emerging innovators and produces cutting edge equipment.

His portfolio has received over 3.4 million in grants. In addition, LJARI has received, contributed to and helped over 30 major USA and International institutions receive millions of dollars in research grants with his Inhalation and E-Vape equipment.

Maury Cole - CEO

La Jolla Alcohol Research Company

Our Clients

Scripps Research Clinic, San Diego State University, University of San Diego, UCLA, UC Irvine, Washington State, University of Calgary, Howard University, Texas A&M University, University of Houston, Louisiana State University, Research Triangle International, University of North Carolina, Duke University, Marshall University, Virgina Tech University, NIH, John Hopkins, University of Binghamton, Villanova, University of Pennsylvania, Minnesota University, University of Arkansas, University of Maryland, University of Texas El Paso, Penn State College, University of Iowa and other International Universities.